Spirtual Warfare Prayer Series For Kids

I can fight in PRAYER™ is a powerful spiritual warfare prayer series for kids. I want your children to know…

  • How to replace lies with truth (John 8:32, 1 Peter 5:7).
  • How to forgive and close doors to the enemy (Matthew 6:14-15).
  • How to follow God and resist the devil (James 4:7).
  • How to discern the voice of God (John 10:27).
  • How to be friends with God (John 15:14).
  • How to pray effectively (James 5:16) and MORE!

Our young ones need to know there is no Junior Holy Spirit, their identity is in Christ, their superpower is prayer and God is with them.

Take a look at the first 6 books dedicated to your kiddos:

I can fight LIES

I can fight LIES is the first book of the I can fight in PRAYER™ spiritual warfare prayer series for kids. Clarity’s training at Superpower Bootcamp equipped her to cast every overwhelming and negative thought to Jesus. She’s excited that she’s honing in on her new superpower prayer. Not long after leaving Superpower Bootcamp, on a bright, beautiful morning, Clarity finds herself facing her first major obstacle. LIAR, a pesky lying demon, is on a mission to bombard Clarity with distracting thoughts to get her off track on her school day. Join Clarity as she discovers what spiritual warfare looks like for her.

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I can fight NIGHT TERRORS is the second book of the I can fight in PRAYER™ spiritual warfare prayer series for kids. Jonah is feeling fresh and empowered from his time at Superpower Bootcamp. Back at home, he notices an alarming rate of night terrors popping up in the night. Jonah wonders: “Why is this happening?” After conversing with God in prayer, Jonah discovers open doors that are allowing demons to attack him in the night. Follow Jonah as he discovers how to shut the doors to night terrors and experience peaceful, sweet sleep.

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I can fight FEAR

I can fight FEAR is the third book of the I can fight in PRAYER™ spiritual warfare prayer series for kids. Jewel noticed her love for adventure started to increase after attending Superpower Bootcamp. She imagines a life filled with new friends, traveling to fun eateries outside of her momma’s kitchen, and engaging in new hobbies. Jewel has a problem though. She is afraid to pursue what she feels God is calling her to do due to fear: Fear of looking uncool in front of people, fear of speaking and singing in public, fear of failure; the list goes on. One day Jewel decides enough is enough. She tells herself, “I’m not called to hide from people; I’m called to be a light in this world.” This compels Jewel to pray a dangerous prayer: God put me in situations that will help me to overcome fear. Suddenly, God starts to open doors of opportunities for Jewel to conquer her fears one by one. Will Jewel fight fear and seize these opportunities to follow God’s call for her life? Follow Jewel’s journey to find out.

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I can fight CONFUSION

I can fight CONFUSION is the fourth book of the I can fight in PRAYER™ spiritual warfare prayer series for kids. Since attending Superpower Bootcamp, Samuel has been hearing a lot spiritually. He loves his new superpower, prayer, however, he struggles with knowing when God is speaking. Thoughts pop into is head throughout the day and Samuel finds himself with lots of questions: “Is this God?”, “Is this me?”, “What do I do with these thoughts?” Samuel discovers an additional superpower to help him with discerning God’s voice but distracting Confusion is on a mission to get Samuel off track from listening to God. How will Samuel fight Confusion? Join him on his journey of discerning the voice of God to find out.

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I can fight WEARINESS

I can fight WEARINESS is the fifth book of the I can fight in PRAYER™ spiritual warfare prayer series for kids. Super Free is noticing a pattern: Often when she says YES to God’s plans and starts to pursue what she feels God is telling her to do, she begins to feel super tired and her mind is bombarded with discouraging thoughts like “I don’t feel like it”, “I don’t want to” and “I’m tired”. God tells Super Free she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her and in these moments of feeling worn out to follow Him and use her superpower, prayer, as a spiritual weapon against Weariness. Will Super Free give in to the lazy and tired feelings from Weariness or use God’s strategies to follow His plans for her life. Join Super Free in her adventures to find out.

Coming Soon

I can fight ANGER

I can fight ANGER is the sixth book of the I can fight in PRAYER™ spiritual warfare prayer series for kids. When Ozzie was at Superpower Bootcamp, he shared with his new friends that he needed help to say nice words to friends and family. Now that he’s back at home, Ozzie has the opportunity to use his new superpower, prayer, when he gets angry. He realizes that with each opportunity he has a choice to listen to the voice of anger or the voice of God. Anger tells Ozzie to say mean words to himself and other people when he’s upset but God reminds Ozzie to forgive quickly, let go of grudges, and speak blessings over himself and others who have hurt his feelings. Will Ozzie fall into the trap of Anger or will he use his superpower, prayer, to partner with God? Join Ozzie to find out what spirtual warfare looks like for him.

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The I can fight in PRAYER™ blog is a spiritual warfare blog full of stories and prayers of how to fight in prayer to see people healed, set free, delivered, and more!


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Beautiful lady completely healed at a drive-thru.

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About the Author

Olawunmi is passionate about discipling children in prayer. She has 10+ years experience leading prayer meetings, small groups, and developing prayer resources (i.e., prayer guides, prayer curriculum, and prayer books). Olawunmi has worked with children with different abilities for 15+ years and currently provides in-home ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy for children on the autism spectrum and other developmental needs. She has a B.A in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University, an M.A in Special Education with a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University, and currently is on a path to obtain national level credentials in Behavior Analysis. Super Free is not her alter ego, it’s who she is. Prayer is her superpower and has brought much freedom into her life. She wants to share this gift with all individuals who desire to grow in prayer and connect with God. Click the button below to find out more about Olawunmi.

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